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Your Lover: Volume 3 Seung Won Han

Your Lover: Volume 3

Seung Won Han

Published August 20th 2007
ISBN : 9781600091926
176 pages
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 About the Book 

Celebrating the intricate spirit of European-style romance comes Your Lover, a quintessential romance story from the best Korean romance artist of our generation, Seungwon Han. Paying homage to the real-life tragic passion between Parisian painter Marie Laurencin and the famous French poet Guillaume Apollinaire, Your Lover paints an elaborate portrait of heart-breaks, unforgettable past experiences and unrealized dreams. Marie loves her fianc? Woobin dearly, but Woobin dies in a tragic accident and Marie must return from France to rebuild her shattered life with Woobins family. There exists only one problem: Woobins younger brother Gangbin looks exactly like him. The flame of passion erupts between them but a car collision takes Maries life. Soon after, Gangbin receives a letter in the mail that Marie wrote it just before her death, dedicating her love with new conviction and promising him a smile-filled return. Her letters last words to Gangbin Your lover, Marie.?