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Juliet Overseas Clare Mallory

Juliet Overseas

Clare Mallory

Published 2006
ISBN : 9781904417811
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When Juliet travels from New Zealand to enroll at boarding school in England, she is thrilled to attending the school where her beloved aunt, a former Head Girl, is still remembered as an inspirational leader and star athlete. But to Juliets distress, her enthusiasm is laughed at by the more sophisticated English girls and they are not interested in working hard to restore the school to its former glory, or for any purpose. However, Juliet is determined to change their negative attitude and give the student body something to be proud of. Ultimately, of course, she will be successful and make lasting friends in the process.I am a huge fan of school stories, and this is one I found as an adult - I think it is one of the very best of the genre, and I highly recommend it for the vivid characters she creates using traditional plots (new girl at school makes good is fairly common). Clare Mallory, a former headmistress herself, is unknown in the U.S. but the recent reprints of Girls-Gone-By Publishers should help her reach a larger audience.One amusing thing in this book is a fruitcake sent to Juliet from home. It is hard to imagine fruitcake EVER being edible under any circumstances (let alone after being sent halfway around the world) but not only is this fruitcake, once iced, important to the story, it is apparently delicious and functions sort of like the loaves and the fishes in that it feeds half the school without being exhausted!