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His Story A. Baran Dural

His Story

A. Baran Dural

Published April 26th 2007
Kindle Edition
236 pages
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 About the Book 

His Story: Mustafa Kemal and Turkish Revolution gives specific information on the life of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of Republic of Turkey and vertiginous aspects of Turkish Revolution.Passages from Mustafa Kemals life, the basic characteristics of the democratic-national leadership which was commanding the Freedom War can also be found within the pages. Freedom War, forming of a new Republic which has become a model for the III. World and İslamic countries are also being discussed.Founding a republic also means founding a nation in westerner words. What were the principles of the new republic, the aims of the revolutions, resistance of the opponents and the results... The meaning and aspects of 6 Arrows which represent the heart of Kemalism... His Story will not just give you information about Turkish Modernization practice, it will also change your opinions on the dilemma called West versus East forever.