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Tall SF Tales for Teenagers Tony  Thorne

Tall SF Tales for Teenagers

Tony Thorne

Published May 13th 2010
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Tony Thorne MBE, a Chartered Design Engineer, built up a research and development company in Kent, England. Its eventual worldwide commercial success led to him being awarded the MBE by the Queen. Now retired, he writes speculative, science and fantasy, fiction and has published over fifteen collections of short stories, including the award winning TENERIFE TALL TALES trilogy, and MACABRE TALES. Also ROBOTS INCLUDED, TALL SF TALES FOR TEENAGERS, THREE KINDS OF CULTURE SHOCK, all now available, as eBooks and paperbacks from AMAZON, B & N, WH Smith, etc.. His first novel, POINTS OF VIEW was published in the USA this year, by Eternal Press, Santa Rosa, CA, and he has just completed its first sequel.